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Highest Rated

We are the highest rated aviation institute in Kolkata that stands by its vision to provide the best training to our students worldwide.

We are Global

We are the globally recognized aviation training institute that has skilled students from all over the world.

Placement Only In Airline Industry

We offer specialized training and our airline courses are thoroughly researched to back you with good placements.

Skilled Faculty

We are equipped with a team of highly skilled faculty that makes us one of the best aviation institutes in Kolkata.

Our Process

Apply for Admission

Take admission in the best aviation academy in Kolkata. Check for the eligibility and submit your application with us.


We provide the best aviation air-hostess training in Kolkata. Get trained under highly skilled faculties and go for an internship.


Take our aviation training courses and find yourself placed in the top-leading aviation companies of India and abroad.

Courses / Job Details

5 Years of Experience

JT Aviation welcomes the enthusiastic candidates to make a progressive career in the aviation industry. We provide the ultimate destination and a dignified position to our candidates through our aviation training program.


Countries Reached


Passed Student


Qualified Staff



Our Faculty Members

Denise Brewer

Senior Project Manager

Patrick Ryan

Senior Project Manager

Craig Robinson

Senior Project Manager

Andrew Robinson

Senior Project Manager

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